D-Link DIR-2150 A1 support

you need to decrypt it 1st

Hi everyone, is there any way to install OpenWrt onto Dir 2150 R1?
Atm getting verification error message on uploading.

Btw I have the device, if you need anything i can help, dissasembly wouldn't be a problem, but i'm pretty noob with linux

How is the R1 related to the A1 version?
Just wondering why R1 is discussed in this A1 topic...

the R1's like the DIR-878-R1 & DIR-882-R1
are the same hardware but very different firmware
even the bootloader/u-boot are not compatible
the DIR-2150 has the other flash chip as well so I'm sure it can be made
but needs a bit of work
& should be under a different topic

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Thanks for the clarification.

@HomidWay (and at everybody who wants to put OpenWrt on the R1 version: Please open a new topic for your R1 related questions).


FYI I tried this build on a DIR-2055 A1 and it has been working flawlessly for the past couple of days. The specs looked similar to the DIR-2150 so I figured I'd give it a shot and so far so good. Thanks @Lucky1 !

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Is there a download link for this firmware still? Your dir-2150 folder still seems to be empty (this is for a dir-2055 actually).


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Hi sylvester123
I don't have a DIR-2150 R1 or A1 and never did
I may have had a very early test version for someone at sone point
but has since been clean up & removed
there is only the git-hub projects left
DIR-2150-R1 https://github.com/Lucky1openwrt/openwrt
DIR-2150-A1 https://github.com/Lucky1openwrt/openwrt/tree/DIR-2150-A1
I believe garetttbeuk used one of these to make something

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Hi, I have the DIR-2150 A1 and compiled and flashed successfully OpenWrt 22.03.0 with the commits added by @Lucky1, and the system is working perfectly! I remember trying last year and the speeds were awful. With the latest OpenWrt the router reaches the 900 Mbps my ISP provides without any effort.
How can I help to get this device to the official list? I'm very happy with it.
Let me know what can I do! I don't know much about this kind of stuff but I'll be happy to help.

Hi damorb
you can submit a pull request into openwrt
there needs i's to be doted & t's to be crossed tho
checking that the mac addresses are corect & all the led's work etc
just having a glance at the DIR-2150-A1 git
the only thing done was making a file with the DIR-2150-a1 in the header
the rest is the same as the DIR-1960/2660
you maybe able to force update from you current openwrt
using the dir-1960 upgrade file & just accept the wrong model number showing

@iivailo has just created a pull request for the DIR-3060
you can look at the as an ongoing example

Hi, thanks for answering!

I can confirm that all the LEDs are working, both white and orange ones for power and wan and the two white ones for each wifi frequency. The mac address in the lan interface matches the one on the sticker at the back of the router.
What other things should I try? I know that for my basic use case everything works, but maybe there are things that don't work that would never notice.
Thank you so much for your help again!

I see a wps button & reset
I would have to look up my self about the wps button
but reset should reset o factory defaults after boot

then it's just submitting the pull request
it may making it into v23 until then just use one of the other's
until the one with the matching model numbers
you will most likely still need a version with the DIR-2150 header
for emergency room recover tho

I tested the reset button and it works properly. After pressing it for a while the router reboots and resets everything to the factory defaults of OpenWrt. I made a backup and after I restored it the router went back to my previous config, so everything works great.

As you say, there is a WPS button. It should work by default or do I need to change some settings to test if it works?

you have to set it up
I have only done this for testing once
and don't use it myself
a search brings this up

Ok, I just tested it and it surprisingly works. I've never had luck with WPS before in other routers and never cared for it to be honest, but here it worked immediately.

I don't use it ether but we have tested the button :slight_smile: