D-Link DIR-2150 A1 support

I'm seriously considering buying this device. My only question is if or not the 2150 without USB ports will be supported.

My DIR-2150 does not come with USB port and it works perfectly with Lucky1's firmware. It's not official tho so you should try it with the kernel version first before going on with the Factory one.

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Thank you for the prompt response. Any major bugs in Lucky's version? And also how many 5ghz bands are supported?
Many thanks.

literally the only thing I have done is change the labeling to say 2150 instead of 1960/2640/2660
& added he 2603 2.4G driver for the 2x2 2.4G radio the others have the 4x4 2.4G
it was built from the master stream as the 21.01 is still buggy
the master stream has a newer 7615N drier version as well
I think the 2660 had both USB ports loaded
& so has the motorol model MR2600 I think it has all the leds for each lan port loaded as well "same PCB"

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Thank you very much!

So, do you think I should buy this?

it depends on you connection speed / price and availability
I still use my EA8500 as my main router V19.08 / faster more memory
the V21.01 is still buggy but still improving
if you find one on ebay or something cheap then go for it
it's hard to recommend paying retail when the 1st thing you do is void the warranty by installing openwrt
I think these are fine for slow low usage connections & secondary access points
but for mail router something with 512M of ram or more

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What's the ram and flash size on the 2150? I have a 200mbps connection and I'm currently using a tplink A6 V3 USA. Will the D-Link 2150 offer a significant advantage over the tplink? I'm a newbie, Kindly excuse me. Thanks!

flash is 128M but ~40M usable & 256M of ram
if you are not going to run any severs or file sharing etc should be fine
amount of connected wireless clients also makes a difference as well

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Sorry, have edited my reply to include additional data. Thank you for your suggestions and support. This community is a lot more alive than I imagined. Thanks for the prompt responses. -John

Hi, I just build Lucky1 branch and want to try it. Is openwrt-ramips-mt7621-dlink_dir-2150-a1-ext4-sysupgrade.bin the file I need to select in OEM upgrade tool?

BTW, I was poking around D-Link site and they released the source code for this router.

if you have a serial connection & want to save you current firmware & flash
use the initramfs into ram & backup your MTD's

but in the end you use the Factory image and flash it via the recovery interface


In my search for some u-boot source code from dlink (MT7621) I noticed that for this device they included them (Thanks Dlink).

When looking through I noticed the following. Not that it will make a big difference but just in case you want to add the extra ones.

#if defined (CONFIG_PRODUCT_DIR2150)
#define LED_POWER_OK 			16 
#define LED_POWER_NG 			8
#define LED_INTERNET_OK 		3
#define LED_INTERNET_NG 		4
#define LED_USB3 				14
#define LED_USB2 				13
#define BUTTON_RESET 			15
#define BUTTON_WPS 				18
#elif defined (CONFIG_PRODUCT_DIR1260)
#define LED_POWER_OK 			16 
#define LED_POWER_NG 			4
#define LED_INTERNET_OK 		7
#define LED_INTERNET_NG 		8
#define BUTTON_RESET 			15
#define BUTTON_WPS 				14
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Thanks I do find it all interesting
but the device on the fcc page
has no USB loaded
or even a place for a radio on/off button
I think this is just left from the other devices

I do wonder if anyone is going to take the DIR-3060 or 2150 & submit it

ok well

thanks Kar200 :slight_smile:

Ah yeah weird. I wonder why it's that way since they have 2 separate devices (I would have assumed that it would be the case if it was just the one device).

Actually while typing I went online and the first result did show usb ports (2 actually). The outside is identical to the DIR-853 but mine only has 1 USB (I wonder where the second one is).

EDIT: I just had to click on the pics. Second one is at the back.


just a note but that is the DIR-2150-R1
tho this is why it need someone with the device to submit it

It is indeed my bad. Maybe they have a single u-boot source code for all the devices (Although usually the RU firmware do not have the extra header info)

they are very different boot loaders
one is a recovery interface & the other called something different
I just can't remember now tho
the r1 is not encrypted but singed for regions
oh the R1 just works even in Linux & is the default header
have not seen a nand version tho

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Does anyone know where I can find the original stock firmware? I found one at the australian website, but it won´t let me flash it via recovery.