D-Link DIR-1260 Support


I have bought this router recently. DIR-1260 AC1200 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Gigabit Router | D-Link (dlink.com)

I am not able to identify which processor is there in this router. I have some technical information form the data sheet. https://in.dlink.com/-/media/global-pdfs/global-datasheets/dir/dir1260a1datasheetv100ww.pdf

880Mhz Dual Core Processor (Looks like to be MTK)
128MB Ram
128MB Flash Memory.

Same specs are common for many D-Link Routers. I wonder if OpenWRT support can come to this router.

The source tarball provided by D-Link might help (I have not looked inside):

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Thanks. Direct Link to the latest firmware for the router. https://dlink-gpl.s3.amazonaws.com/GPL2100008/DIR1260_A1_V1.01B01_GPLCode_20201222.tar.gz

see if you can find some photos of the internals at https://fccid.io/
if not, then you need to open it up, if the chip markings are covered/wiped, serial console would be required.

then again serial console would be required anyway, when adding support for it.

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Thanks for pointing me to the right direction. Here are internal photos of the router. ATTACHMENT (fccid.io)

CPU is MT7621. MediaTek MT7621 - DeviWiki (ex WikiDevi)

similar devices https://openwrt.org/toh/views/toh_extended_all?dataflt[CPU*~]=mt7621&dataflt[WLAN+Hardware*~]=7613

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Thanks! My hopes are bit reduced since this is a MediaTek CPU. Android devices with MediaTek also have less development support compared to Qualcomm based devices.

Any idea what could be the next step from here?

Get serial console access, and compile an initramfs image, based on one of the similar routers, for booting.

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