D-Link 885l A1 - 2.4 G Radio with OpenWrt 18.06.0

I have loaded this OpenWRT software on to my router. For some reason it only shows the 5G radio and channels. Is there some way to also use the 2.5G radio?

Everything else seems to working fine and I have a VPN connection up and running.

You perhaps have the 2.4 GHz radio running, as Broadcom wireless is barely supported with any open-source software.



Limited means: 2.4GHz only b/g available, and 5GHz doesn't work at all. There might be some exceptions, but the general rule is as written before.

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Be carefull: Just because it's Broacom doesn't automatically mean limited support.

We do not have the usual "Unsupported functions" field filled with either 2.4GHz or 5GHz wifi. BCM4366 which is used in DIR-855L A1 should be supported by OpenWrt for both, 2,4 + 5GHz, see https://openwrt.org/inbox/unsupported_features.
On the other hand, this page could be wrong...