D-LINK 2750u, identify and replace PCB components

Hello, please i need to know this two capacitors value, and the second compenent what is it ? Thanks. (D LINK 2750u).

Hi @Joo,
what is the second component you are talking about?
In the pic I see two smd capacitors within the top marker, and a part of an electrolytic capacitor in the bottom box... Is that right?
About the big electrolytic capacitor, that should be easy enough to identify since you can find all the infos printed on its side.
The smd ones are harder to identify i think, especially if they are damaged as you cannot even measure them. I guess it's not that easy without a schematic... or a spare board of the same model you can pick healthy components from.

Unless they're fried beyond recognition.

Ah indeed, if that's not the real picture of the board, yes...

That's what I was thinking.. Otherwise there's no point in asking about the caps.

Im not asking about the capacitors down there, im asking what is behind the capacitor, if diode or inductance or...

In the board marked r92 and D2, i dont know which suitable compenent for that

Ok but you could have at least taken a clear picture of the board from the right angle to make things easy... in any case, the above answers still hold...

The board in pic i had attached not mine, m'y board damaged in power parts