D-link 2750u C1 FW doesnt match HW version

Hello guys,im having trouble installing OpenWRT on my D-link 2750u C1
It says that the FW version doesnt match the HW version when i try to flash the update
Any tips?

Are you going from stock firmware to OpenWrt, or upgrading an existing OpenWrt install?

See the Firmware OpenWrt Install URL (stock to OpenWrt) and the Firmware OpenWrt Upgrade URL (upgrade existing) on the hardware data page to confirm you're getting the correct firmware.

Installing it first time (stock),it says TFTP install method so i will try that but there is not additional steps like other routers have

It's actually CFE TFTP, which is a little more involved...

Your device is a bcm63xx target -

Hi all dear friends,
Many thanks to the developers. I installed this firmware over the stock one. Everything is fine, But Dsl functionality is not listed in device list.
Any help is appreciated.
By the way, I simply used CFE web ui.