Cyberghost - How To Setup OpenVPN

Hi there for all!

I´m having trouble to setup CyberGhost VPN (OpenVPN protocol).

What is the best package i must install??? I´ved found a lot of then. There is some package who accepts generated config files by cyberghost?

have u guys set up cyberghost properly???

I´m using LEDE 17.01.4 r3560-79f57e422d service on a TP-Link WR940N V3.

The router is working fine.... tks by the way.

Could u guys can help me??

Tks a million.

message me and i will tel you how...are you tryinh tp get a free internet with cyberghost

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Hi my friend.

No. I´m a Premium User.

The problem is...... I flashed the factory to lede binary image. The image leave almost 250 kbytes free on the router. I Found a package i can install on the router. It´s not the OpenVPN/OpenSSL default package on the instrutions i´ved found on the lede website.

I´ved tried to search for a minimal minimal lede image to flash but i´ve found only the the normal led flash build.

So.... i´m stucked.

The TL-WR940N v3 has only 4MB flash / 32MB RAM. That's bad luck for you.

Suggested reading (yes, you should read them all and thoroughly.):

Here is someone building for VPN on 4MB devices.

TP-Links make it pretty easy to upgrade the flash chip. Of course you remain limited by the small RAM.

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here is your answer you can PM mein facebook...i can help you with the configs

can you help me too? wr940n(EU)v6 is mine :pensive:

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