Customization Openwrt on Ubiquiti Nanostation M2

Hello friends. I have Nanostation M2, or rather I have a full hardware analog (chinese TP-LINK WR941N v5.1 with chip AR7240+AR9283) I want to flash Openwrt. BUT! Versions older than 17.01.7 do not work (there is no access to the device via LAN or WAN). Old versions 12.09 - 17.01.7 work fine, but the device can only be accessed via WAN. Another note - only in version 12.09 the transmitter power can be set to 27dbm, while in versions 15.05 - 17.01.7 the power is only 20dbm. Has anyone dealt with this issue?

Does this Chinese version have more flash and different SoC that what is described in the OpenWrt wiki? The US / EU market WR941 v5 was AR9331 chip and 4 MB flash. And it was a base model desktop router with no RF power amplifiers, making it something that really shouldn't be compared to a Nanostation.

Hardware with only a 4 MB flash chip is difficult or impossible to use with recent builds.

Openwrt Wiki for some reason has absolutely no information about this Chinese version of WR941N v5.1. This version has an ar7240 SoC and an AR9283 radio chip and 8mb flash. Exactly the same as the Nanostation M2. The device has a more powerful antenna than the original. Moreover, initially the devices come from China with ubnt Air OS 5.4 pre-installed and it works perfectly.

Does not anyone have installed the latest version on Openwrt Nanostation M2?