Custom WRT3200ACM Firmware Build

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No takers eh? Nobody wants to try it out? latest MOD, has mwlwifi added from lede's source.
since its slightly more updated..

Just a word:

As I have posted above, I have just about perfected building OpenWRT using github actions
on this wonderful VM machine that Microsoft allows us to use:

Github Actions is a CI/​CD service launched after Microsoft acquired GitHub. 
It provides a virtual server environment (E5 2vCPU/​7G RAM) with a very good performance configuration . Based on it, projects can be built, tested, packaged, 
and deployed. The public warehouse can be used for free without time limit, and the single use time is up to 6 hours, which is very sufficient for compiling OpenWrt. However, 
GitHub Actions has a certain threshold to use. 
You must first understand how to write a workflow file . But don't worry, the blogger has already compiled the relevant workflow file template, 
just follow the steps in the tutorial.

I have added configs for wrt1200ac, wrt1900acx, wrt3200acm and wrt32x ..
As of typing this, Only config is for wrt3200acm..
builds flawlessly snapshot after snapshot using latest Kernel 5.10.x Not a single issue.
I have searched and researched apps and lib files for use.
I have collected many LUCI packages that you will not find on OpenWRT.
I only enabled the ones I think could be of use.
since many of the packages that I manged to get my hands on were in Chinese or German
and I only speak English, I translated a few that I though were relevant to the matter..

On my Github Action Script, you also have Option to build official OpenWRT rather then snapshot builds. you would also have the option to pick which device you want to build for, defaults to 1 for my wrt3200acm router. wifi drivers were taken from another source that have been slightly updated..
some parts were synced from

and some from other repos.. I have tested most everything, but not everything.
I use mqos mainly to limit by MAC rather then IP..

for more info. I been a FAN of Dave's firmware for a while.. its to bad he retired from it. almost dont blame him.. I retired from Android Development after 7 years of that..
I respect Dave and all the work hes done.. But have seen many post that they want latest builds with some nifty stuff.. I also know that many would have no clue on how to build such firmware..
Well I mad it simple for you now. if you know github and how action scripts work, then anyone can build the latest firmware...... and yes you can also create your own configs to use rather then the ones I supply..

Dont forget a GITHUB secret token is needed.. you will have to create one.. and if you plan on SSH into the VM, then you will need some info there under secret tokens as well..
Like bot token and userID under telegram..

Hope this helps most of you..

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