Custom WAN DHCP options in Luci

i'm looking for an easy way to add WAN DHCP options necessary for the Orange ISP in France.
We need to indicate option 77 and 90.
Actualy we manually add them in /etc/config/network and it would be nice if we can do this straight from Luci.
Noone thought about adding such feature in Luci ?
a Generic field in which you can add somme options comma separated for example ?

This does not fit your needs?

(Option 6 in this case)


unfortunately it's in the LAN side. i would need something similar but in the WAN side. In General or Advanced Settings.
Like This :

i know :sweat_smile: it's actually what we are doing, and it works well. But having the possibility to do it through Luci would be more user friendly.

Could it be a feature request ?

just noticed that this request wasn't posted in the correct section, maybe some @moderators could move it in the For developers section please ?

Moved to #devel

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