Custom LuCI web interface

Hello everyone!
I'm a newbie in developing LuCI web interface. I want to custom web interface (depend on the Rosy theme). In my case, I want to add VPN and IP-sec tools (for creating a tunnel, measuring the speed) on the LuCI web interface. VPN or IP-sec feature is configured by my colleague. For instance, VPN or IP-sec might configure by hand on the terminal, I want config these feature through buttons on the LuCI web interface. So anyone has a simple solution to custom LuCI web or any frameworks suitable in my issue.
Thank in advance!

Check the Teltonika GPL package, they have an IPSec LuCI app.

You may want to check here too.

Hi, biangbiangmian!
Thank you for sharing your information.

This person here seems to have similar goals: luci-app-ipsec-vpnd:

Hi biangbiangmian, you mentioned the

which seems can be found here:

But they offer several. Do you happen to know, which one contains the luci-app-ipsec package? thanks.

RUT9XX for sure, but the others: possibly

That is the one i downloaded, found lots of stuff inside, but luci-app-ipsec was not placed with the other luci apps.

Did you find it in there?

just grep for ipsec or possibly vpn, i'm sure it's in there
edit: it's in their StrongSwan frontend

I tried to find it in so many ways, but i could not at all... Do you think they removed it?