Custom Local Domain

Alright, I have a raspberry pi 3 in my network. It's available under this IP ( Would it be possible to have it be available with this IP ( I'm pretty sure i have to mess with dnsmasq but i really don't know where to clash my head. Any help is appreciated.

Have you tried adding the hostname on the page Network->Hostnames?

i don't have openwrt (it's based on it) but not vanilla. i have ssh access though.

If can be added using uci:

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I followed the second part (the one relative to AAAA) records but it still doesn't work.

You should be following the first part. If I understand properly you want the fqdn pac[.]cariprpc[.]it to resolve into

Vice versa actually, I want that ssh
is equal to ssh

We are saying the same thing.

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