Custom Channel Bandwidth

Typically, the channel bandwidth value is pre-defined by the standard. Possible values are 5, 10, or 20 MHz for example.

Is there any 802.11 wireless device (compatible with OpenWRT) capable of configuring a custom channel bandwidth?

For example, a 6.25 MHz channel bandwidth value.


Frequently asked, especially by those coming from a world with non-standard, vendor-proprietary hardware.

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Thanks Jeff!

Looking at:

I found the parameter:
chanbw (integer) Specifies a narrow channel width in MHz, possible values are: 5 , 10 , 20
My case is even more special, because I'd like to be able to set a different value from the pre-defined ones and even non-integer values like 6.25 MHz.

I know it is possible since this OpenWRT-based product has this feature:
It says: "Software defined channel size of 3~40 MHz for efficient re-use of spectrum", and I know it can be continuously (with non-integer values) adjusted.

But I don't know which hardware is used.
Hope someone help me finding this answer.


I think you miss read the data sheet. For wifi it only supports 5,10 and 20Mhz channel width.

The 3-40MHz probably refers to other radio modules not wifi.

should I smell a rat ?

I mean how big the UAV can be ?

Honestly, I think the 3-40MHz does refer to Wi-Fi. Furthermore, Doodle claims to be able to adjust the guard interval lengh as well, suitable for bigger coverage areas.

Anyway, I found this hack, which allows changing the BW by reducing the chipset clock speed:

Is the data link used only for miitary UAV or like satellite phone is available to commercial private people ?
Is it expensive ?