Custom builds openwrt

I want to use a custom build on my nanopi r2s. It will be this version;

What is your opinion about these custom builds?
Or is it better to use the standard builds?
I read these builds are special made for this device but will I see improvements here?

These custom build usually are useful only for some use cases.
You need to read the release info / change log / readme etc to understand better the changes over the usage of general openwrt builds.
also, seems to be builds for x86 hw.
it is always better to use general openwrt codebase/builds when you are starting to learn, and try to use software packages and learn them one by one while you read documentation.

you probably not gonna see any benefits for hw, but you will see more packages installed and specific configurations for them.
unless you found some build with specific drivers for specific hw then probably you will not see any benefits in terms of performance/capabilities... only added features than you can actually add by yourself installing packages (existing ones or by building by yourself) and configuring them later.


great advice above...

  1. What benefits does it offer
  2. do you trust the source (are they open?)
  3. how long will it be around

There are very few custom builds where you know what's in there... even fewer that are around for more than a year... so even if it has 'great' features and is trusted... it's almost always just a temporary shortcut to doing things yourself...

For most custom builders the primary motivations is to make something 'better'... It should be really clear WHAT this is and HOW this is done...