Current status for the GL-AR750S

I got a GL-AR750S and I would want to build OpenWRT for it in order to enable some kernel features and bundle a bunch of packages, etc. The latest OpenWRT tag on git doesnt seem to have any support for the GL-AR750S but it seems there is at least something new on the master branch related to it.

What's the current status? Does it work out of the box when compiled from master?

On ath79, NOR, yes. NAND PR is complete, but has not been merged

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Thanks, so once the NAND PR gets merged the AR750S is fully supported? I read somewhere there were Wifi driver issues too.

No issues of significance. Same wireless drivers and firmware as other ath9k and ath10k implementations. I’ve run both ath10k and ath10k-ct.

What's the difference between building with NOR or NAND?

The NOR flash on the device is 16 MB. The NAND adds another 128 MB.

Edit: There were merge-breaking changes on master in the last day. I'm working on the rebase now.

Cool! Thanks for the effort. Looking forward to the merge!