Current state of ZBT WG3526 support

I see in the table of hardware that this device is supported, but my experience is that it's helpful to get some feedback from people who are using it. I also see several threads where people have had trouble requiring serial consoles etc. Is there anyone here who has one who is using it reliably with full functionality? What steps were required? what firmware download did you use? Thanks in advance.

It seems the main commit adding support was pre-split, the commits introducing new hardware support are now required to have flashing instructions in them. From what I remember reading though, it seems serial is kind of required to flash LEDE on the WG3526. Since I don't own it myself, I might be wrong of course.

just flashing the zbt wg3526 sysupgrade works.
wifi led's for 2,4 and 5ghz not working even if the wifi's are up

I am using wg3526 512M/16M @ version 17.1.2.
it works fast but wifi always hung up while the ethernet is available.

I am waiting on the WE1326 to arrive. How is WiFi stability on LEDE? I currently am using a tplink tl-4300, and had to revert to openwrt after trying LEDE. For unknown reasons, my smartphones would lock onto my WiFi connection under LEDE, but randomly traffic would just stop. In other words, my phone would be connected to WiFi, but I could not ssh to my router, could not get out to websites, and could not ping websites/ip's. As soon as I downgraded to the last snapshot of OpenWRT designated driver, everything worked just fine with WiFi. Hopefully, the WE1326 is a different story under LEDE.

I may just setup 14.07 to my liking, and then backup the images afterward, like:

dd if=/dev/mtd0 of=/tmp/uboot.bin
dd if=/dev/mtd1 of=/tmp/kernel.bin
dd if=/dev/mtd2 of=/tmp/rootfs.bin
dd if=/dev/mtd3 of=/tmp/rootfs_data.bin
dd if=/dev/mtd4 of=/tmp/art.bin
dd if=/dev/mtd5 of=/tmp/firmware.bin

And then try LEDE afterward

Lede (now called openwrt?) firmware had GPIO led setting, isn't it? It's that can't setting back to working?

Compiled 18.06 tonight, then upgraded my (new) WG3526.
the version I compiled is
OpenWrt 18.06-SNAPSHOT r7147-3539430b3d / LuCI openwrt-18.06 branch (git-18.196.56128-9112198)
with Kernel 4.14.54.

Did a basic configuration, & so far seems to be working OK. Will report more later....

(I downloaded the 18.06 source, then basically selected the defaults, as well as the relevant sections for the MT7621 & WG3526-16M. I compiled in Luci-ssh, the QOS & SQM modules & the extra scripts for SQM. Compiled with no errors. QOS & SQM yet to be configured.)
regards, Doug (Australia)

Well, things are not as good as I thought. I need to do some detective work because the router is running much slower than I thought. On NBN wireless, it is running at about 50 to 75% of the speed that directly connecting my computer o the NBN terminal achieves (as in 5.6Mb/s through router, & 10Mb/s direct.)
I think the first thing I will try is to disable wireless (offloading to an old router) to see if that helps.
fyi, the WE1326 shows the same symptoms. I turned off the SQM/QOS & QOS to no avail.
Like Arnie, I will be back!

regards, Doug

After many days of unfruitful tries at compiling, tonight I successfully compiled, loaded & am now running 18.06 on the WG3526. (More luck than expertise I might add!)

So far seems to be running fine. I compiled Luci + QOS +SQM into the compile.
OpenWrt 18.06-SNAPSHOT r7161-b84a1c56f3 / LuCI openwrt-18.06 branch (git-18.206.16200-7501bf6)

Thanks to all the developers!
regards Doug (from Australia)

well I have found an issue. For some reason, when I do a speedtest via WIRED network, I get about 4Mb/s speed, but when I used 802.11nac wireless i get about 24Mb/s. To be sure, I checked wirless before & directly after the hard-cabled test & verified. I am mystified.
Here is the log, if it helps. I could not see any glaring errors:

(How do attach a copy, or email to someone??)

regards, Doug

I try to use kmod-ledtrig-netdev package, but still only working 2.4GHZ led.

config 'led' 'wlan_led'
	option 'name'           'WLAN_LED_50'
	option 'sysfs'          'mt76-phy1'
	option 'trigger'        'netdev'
	option 'dev'            'wlan1'
	option 'mode'           'link tx rx'