Current recommendations for a 4g lte router that will run openwrt

I currently have a GL.iNet GL-SFT1200 on my boat. I have it setup to use the marina wifi on my own wifi name and if the marina wifi isnt available it fails over to the plugged in 4g usb stick. Works ok but the antennae arent removable and i think i could catch a better signal.

Im looking to try another solution. Preferably an lte 4g router all in one unit. The tp link mr6400 looks promising but is there anything newer/better i could look at that will allow me to have wan / lte failover? (I assume if the unit runs openwrt then failover will be possible)

Thanks in advance

I'd get a USB LTE modem, you can put in a window, while the actual router sits someplace else.


A good try would be WE826-T2

ZBT WE826 T 32M, with black metal case model , LTE and wifi detachable antennas.
Used 2 units for remote location where local wifi was unstable. Openwrt friendly, and working great.
Just remember to chose the correct LTE modem for your area. Vendors are selling them with no LTE modem, or with the desired modem for your country.

Hi, I also decided for the mr6400 but I have to admit that there's a problema with his storage (it's very limited)

not only limited, they'll be EOLed after openwrt 23.05.

ZTE MF286D is a better choice, and faster.

However, the wiki page for ZTE MF286D tells that the current supported release is 22.03.5. Is that page up to date? The newest OpenWRT release is 23.05.2.

I'm also looking for a 4G router and local second-hand marketplaces seem to have some ZTE MF286D and MF286R devices (along with other MF286 models). I'm wondering which one would be a better choice in terms of OpenWRT support longevity?

Only MF286D (correction R version is supported too) is supported and its specs 128/256 (flash/ram) make it suitable for at least 5 years of openwrt support ( if we consider past years image/kernel growth)[ not the case for R version where the 128 ram could reach its end of support before these estimated 5 years]

MF286D with OEM firmware (Nordic) in a bridge mode.
Then you can connect any router to it.
Make sure the modem used in your future device supports bands and combos that you need.

The Wiki page has already been updated with current links.

It's not

The D is alot faster, Cat12 vs Cat6 LTE modem.
I get almost 250mbit in my basement using the D.

Thank you all for the quick replies! I ended up getting an MF286D. Not that I actually need high speeds but I found a used unit for reasonable price. Currently, I'm waiting for it to arrive.

The firmware-selector site looks useful, I had not noticed that page earlier. (No, I have not run OpenWRT anywhere. Yet.)

Having an OEM device in the bridge mode is an option but then I would have to get two devices and skip most of the features of the first one. I'll see what I end up doing.

Maybe it's worth noting that the device would be at a remote house during winter for monitoring and controlling indoor temperatures. Thus, MF286D is a bit overkill but simpler second-hand devices were not much cheaper. There may be devices that are better suited for this kind of usage, though.