Cudy WR1300 v TP-Link Archer C6 ? ( or something else ... )

simple question: which one should I get between this 2 devices ? they have basically the same exact price but 1 has a Mediatek chip where the other one is a Qualcomm / Atheros based router .

Cudy offers a USB 3.0 port but I'll consider that as a bonus, my main focus is performance for the price and OpenWRT compatibility .

The eu version of archer c6 v2 runs very well with openwrt. Drawbacks are:

  • cpu speed: on a gigabit internet provider it is too slow to do nat, will limit to probably around 500 mbit/s.
  • no usb ports
  • only 8 Mb flash

Advantages are

  • very low power consumption

With openwrt I get around 80mbit/s on the 2.4 ghz and 250 mbit/s on 5ghz.

Anyhow for the German Amazon price of around 35€ a cheap device.

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I'm basically indecisive between Qualcomm and Mediatek, I have also considered the Hap ac² from Mikrotik but apparently they are developing their own firmware for the platform and they have below average performance when compared to similar wireless platforms.

nevermind, apparently the Archer C6 now ( the v3 version ) is based on a Mediatek chip and it's not supported by OpenWRT yet.