CT3003 firmware has only 17M disk space

I newly flash Openwrt 23.05.3 into CT3003 (firmware).
Follow the Openwrt guide.
And here is the basic device infomation:
Cetron CT3003
Platform: mediatek/filogic
RAM: 256M
Flash: 128M

But after flashed , the disk space shows only 17M, far more less than 128M.

My question is,

  1. what define the flash space used for firmware, U-Boot or firmware itself? According to another third-party guidance, first flashing the U-Boot then the firmware, they get 100M+ disk space.
  2. what could I do next to get more space, "extroot" on the current firmware or re-flash?

Any response is appreciated!

You can always look into the source link code you already used like

But the partitions are usually defined in the dts file

 152                         partition@580000 {
 153                                 label = "ubi";
 154                                 reg = <0x0580000 0x2000000>;
 155                         };

and according to the article [OpenWrt Wiki] The OpenWrt Flash Layout, the firmware installed in the "ubi" partition, right?
And size 0x2000000 is about 33.5M.

It seems little I can do with this firmware.

Thanks for response.

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Only a few devices, mainly recent Xiaomis, have been altered to utilize the whole flash, since it's not Openwrt standard.

Another option is to buy a device with a usb port, and use extroot.

Thanks for response. Good information.
I’ve setup this device CT
3003 as an AP. And 17M potential is enough for an AP.