Cryptsetup dir read, write access problem

I successfully access my files with ftp using cryptsetup. I set it to mount point /mnt/USB1,
and mount point has chmod 777. But the aria2 cannot write files to the directory. how do i fix this? Thanks for your help

I tried another usb memory without using cryptsetup, but I'm still having the same problem

Do a "ls -l /mnt/USB1" and check the permissions again. Also, do "su aria2" and try to create some file there.

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Here "ls -l /mnt/USB1" result, still having same problem. I can't fix it :cry:


You cut out all the interesting parts in that screenshot... Also, please do "ls -la /mnt/USB1" instead, please.

here, i can transfer files with ssh, but aria2 doesn't work


Unix is case sensitive, "/mnt/USB1" is not the same as "/mnt/usb1".

I change their names constantly because i try it