Creating XFRM Interfaces. Does anyone know how to create the XFRM interfaces?

Hey All,

I've looked at the pages. The change logs as well:

Also this page:

However I can't see any mention how to create XFRM interfaces. Could someone please point me in the right direction?

root@OWRT01:~# ifup xfrm
root@OWRT01:~# echo $?
root@OWRT01:~# ip a|grep -Ei xfrm
root@OWRT01:~# ifconfig -a|grep -Ei xfrm
root@OWRT01:~# echo $?
root@OWRT01:~# vi /etc/config/network
config interface 'ipsec'
        option ifname           'ipsec0'
        option proto            'none'
        option defaultroute     '0'
        option peerdns          '0'
        option ipv6             '0'

config interface 'xfrm'
        option ifname 'xfrm0'
        option proto 'xfrm'
        option mtu '1400'
        option zone 'VPN'
        option tunlink 'lan'
        option ifid 30

I'm also not able to see messages pertaining to why the interfaces cannot be create. That would give me some hint.

However, logread command doesn't list anything of use. Are the logs kept in a different directory and if so where is the folder?