Creating VPN through OpenWrt

Hello everyone,

I am new to OpenWrt and I have inquiry that I still can't figure it well. before I start, I use TL-WA801ND router.

Ok I have 4G connection and for sure 4G routers don't support Port Forward which is must for hosting online games. Then I came with an idea of using my friend Fiber internet and create a VPN through TL-WA801ND router so all of us gamers connect to this VPN and host the online game.
I know all steps of port forwarding, dynamic DNS and setup my router in his network but am confused in how I create VPN using OpenWrt.

Any idea from where I start?

ok I found that I can't create VPN as the router has small memory which will not make me download any package.

You can use USB storage to expand your router using extroot.

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I'm not sure if you're referring to Flash or RAM; but I don't think you'll have enough RAM or CPU to comfortably run a VPN, even after you solve the flash space issue.