Creating a wireless bridge from Eduroam

Hi, I am new to openwrt and a total rookie but eager to learn. I am trying use a router as a wifi bridge to create a network that allows chromecast's and smart tv's. My current wireless network Eduroam does not work with those devices and I do not have cable. Others in my building have already done and followed some instructions they gave me.

-Get a dualband router which is supported by openwrt.
-Install openwrt
-Install the wpad package

I have done all this, but now I am quite clueless how to proceed. I was told to connect one of my connections to Eduroam and then I can start my own wireless on the other and I am done. I've looked for tutorials and found people refering to eduroam but I couldn't figure out if they were explaining what I needed. (probably because I know so little about networks, routers and openwrt).

Could someone help me in the right direction, or maybe link some tutorial explaining what I am looking for. Many thanks in advance!

This is straightforward but the term you are looking for is "routed client" not "bridge". It starts with basically a default configuration except the wan will be connected by wireless instead of Ethernet. The lan will be a wireless AP for your devices-- wired devices can also be connected. All of your LAN devices will be "masqueraded" (also known as NAT) to go out over the one IP address that you get from the college.

And as noted you will need to upgrade the wpad-basic which ships with OpenWrt to the full wpad so you can use WPA-Enterprise authentication. This will require temporarily connecting the router to the Internet by some other means than the college wifi so the package can be downloaded. Typically one would use a smartphone in hotspot mode.

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Could you be more specific bout the procedure, I have wpad installed, I scan for eduroam with one of my radio's, but then I cant seem to select wpa2-eap, the kind of authentication I need right for this to work? Is the wpad package not installed correctly or am I missing something.

Hey mate, did you manage to get this to work?