Creating a wiki page

I would like to create a wiki page. How to do that? I understand I have to start from inbox and get it approved. While I have an option to edit articles and I don't see an option to create a new one.

/docs pages

  • Ideal way: Place a link (wiki internal link, no http://) to the newly to be created page on an already existing page (that is related to the topic of the new page). Click on this link, then create the new page. Ideal because
    • you don't have to care about word separators, the wiki does hat for you (oftentimes '-' is erroneously used instead of '_', which leads to one-word-pagenames, instead of multiple_word_pagenames, with the latter being better for the wiki search.
    • the new page is linked to an existing one, i.e. we do not create an orphaned page which is freefloating in the wiki, without any link showing that it is really needed.
  • Not so ideal, but also working: visit the url of the to be created page, then create it. Make sure to somehow link the new page from already existing pages, in order to avoid orphaned pages with no backlinks.

FAQ pages

If you want to create a new FAQ page, go to and follow the instructions.

Dataentry pages

Device pages

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Well I've created a guide

I don't think it's in the inbox. Not sure if I haven't messed up. I've added a link to it from as per instruction.


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