Creating a samba server

Hello. I have a router ASUS RT-AC51U. 16 MB flash, 64 MB RAM. I expanded the flash memory, at the expense of USB storage. Now, I want to install a Samba server. When I set up directory paths in LuCI, for example:

My file manager, Dolphin (Debian), at path: smb:// cannot connect to the directory. It says "server response time exceeded openwrt.local". Also, I specified

chmod -R 777 /mnt/share
chmod -R 777 /overlay
chown -R nobody /mnt/share
chown -R nobody /overlay

Can you please tell me what steps I should take to get a working server?

Replace samba with ksmbd.

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You can consult the wiki for steps to setup. If you just need simple samba, +1 for ksmbd rather than full blown samba4.

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from my experience with playing around
you don't have enough ram for modern versions
I think 256M at lest with wifi running maybe 128M with no wifi
if you can run V19 with old smb2.0 samba ok
but only as a dumb device as v19 is to old for a router now

I do still try ksmbd every so often but it's not there yet
it's ok to maybe change some files with one computer
but forget more then one pc accessing it at the same time
just no good for a NAS it falls over so often at lest with V23

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