Creating a customised banner

I have deleted the banner of my openwrt using the command in the picture ,now i want add a customised banner ,but i am unable to add,could anyone please help me to add the banner for my firmware.

Can't cd to a file, bruh.

Also not the location of the banner file.

thanks for the information bro,can you please mention the location of the banner file

You're showing it in your screen shot.


as you could see from your own picture, this is all wrong
not found
no such file

you are following tutorial for openssh server, but, OpenWRT come with dropbear

best is to

  1. reset to default (factory), who know what else damage you are done
  2. SSH to router
  3. cat /etc/banner

in /etc/banner you will see "default login screen"
this is the file you need to change


... and now you won't even have to learn anything.