Create local Mirror

How can I create a local mirror from the current snapshot.

What steps do I have to take.

I don't want to flash my router every 24 hours when I want to install something

use some site cloner, like httrack ?
or try

Use a stable release instead of snapshot.

Not sure I understand - you can pull the whole openwrt code repository for compiling with git. The firmware you build can use opkg to install additional packages.

If you use firmware-selector to grab your firmware, even if you use snapshot, you can use opkg to update and install additional packages.

it'll fail for kmods after 24hrs or so, if running snapshot.

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Please don't use inefficient HTTP spidering. There's anonymous rsync access available.

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If you want users to use it, I suggest you directly link to the documentation of how to use the anonymous rsync with the OpenWRT packages repository.

I actually have similar problem (want to mirror packages locally, because my OpenWRT device currently has no internet and needs some extra packages to get internet), and

rsync .

as well as

rsync rsync:// .

fail for me with

@ERROR: Unknown module 'releases'


So due to a lack of knowledge and (google-notfound or here-notlinked) documentation I might also revert back to http-scraping.