Create a custom image with a specific package updated

Hi, I'm trying to creare a custom image of 17.05.1 to install in my TL-WR841ND v10, with Image Builder.

I am interested in a package (travelmate) that is already included in the repository tree of 17.05.1, but in an older version than I would like.
The new version is available in the tree of

Can I force Image Builder to use the new version for this package?

I tried to download the ipk file and copy it to the "packages" directory of Image Builder, but it seems that it is not considered by "make image" command.
What is the correct procedure?

Thanks in advance

Please don't do it.
Latest (tested!) release for 17.x is travelmate 1.0.2. Major LuCI/frontend changes are not in 17.x tree, therefore you will likely receive "unexpected results" ... also please keep in mind that you always update package frontend & backend (check download locations for both package parts here: Travelmate support thread).

In short: if you need latest travelmate package build an image based on 18.06.

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Hi dibdot. Many thanks for this information.

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