CPU frequency scaling driver for mvebu (WRT3200ACM etc.)

The Turris people have a dual CPU DSA patch. I tried to port here but got nowhere.

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Have a look at Ansuel's kernel 5.10/ DSA PR for ipq806x, it includes that.

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oh cool it does.



Any chance to have frequency scaling patches working also with kernel 5.15?


That's an interesting you mention dual CPU DSA, since from testing on my 300Mbit cable modem (WRT32X master snapshot w/kernel 5.15) SQM Cake holds 300Mbit with +0 latency at 60-70% peak load on CPU0, leaving CPU1 untouched.

Imagine multi-CPU DSA. Extrapolating the performance over two cores the mvebu platform would theoretically be able to do SQM Cake at Gigabit speed. Recently i've been playing with an R4S which easily does that, but didn't expect to ever think we could do it here.

Oh well, multi-CPU DSA may never happen anyway but worth thinking about.


That 2 year old chatter was about getting both CPU ports (eth0, eth1) in play post the switch to DSA. Which only has 1 CPU port (eth0) in play; i.e. nothing to do with CPU cores. There are some dead PRs from that time which implemented MP-DSA on kernel 5.10.

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No chance?