Couple of issues with Guest WIFI and SSTP Interface

Hello. I'm new to openwrt. I have a couple of issues that i'd like to resolve.

  1. I followed this guide to set up a guest wifi network:
    OpenWrt Project: Guest Wi-Fi on a wireless AP using LuCI
    I'm unable to get an IP address. At first, DHCP worked but i wasn't able to get any DNS queries to work. After a reboot, DHCP broke as well. I checked all the configs and everything is correct.

  2. I installed SSTP interface for luci. It is not connecting. I can connect to SSTP via PC so i know the server is working correctly. How do i check the logs? What could be the issue?

I'm using a Linksys EA7500 router. Thanks.

I was able to find the log for issue #2. It is showing:
**Error: HTTP handshake with server failed, (-1)

Am i able to use HTTP only for SSTP interface?