Couldn't open image file: trying to flash to openwrt

I have a Ubiquiti AP AC Lite.
I download the appropriate new firmware 19.07.1.
I had to reflash my AP to 3.7.58 so that I could use mdt.
I can scp my bin to the AP.
Then, when I try to:
mtd write /tmp/openwrt-19.07.1-ath79-generic-ubnt-unifiac-lite-squas
hfs-sysupgrade.bin kernel0

I get:
Couldn't open image file: /tmp/openwrt-19.07.1-ath79-generic-ubnt-unifiac-lite-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin!

Any ideas??

Yes. You have incorrect file name. It should be an underscore (not a hyphen) between ubnt and unifiac (like this ubnt_unifiac not ubnt-unifiac.

Having said so, I must say making a typo in the file name isn't a good sign. Flashing firmware is a risky task and can potentially brick your device if done wrong. I advise you to be careful.

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@j-autuick welcome to the community!


  • First, does your router's Wiki page state to use mtd for intital flash?
  • Your device doesn't have a factory image?

I highly doubt it.

Have you used the sysupgrade command?

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I had a quick look at the device page and it suggests that the answer to both questions is yes. Unusual, though.

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I've flashed several of those.

After pushing the file over scp, log in and use ls to see if the file is there. I think the stock firmware also has md5sum which would be good to check for errors in transfer.

You don't have to type the whole name, type openw or so then hit tab and it should autocomplete.

To ensure a proper boot the bs partition must have a zero and the kernel2 partition should be erased. New out of the box should be already set to boot bank 0, you could check it with hexdump.

Yeah thanks, apparently, I had gotten the wrong name. After I went and copy and pasted it from the /tmp/ folder, it worked =) I am tired, bad eyes. :+1:


Next time rename the "big name" to a name as 1.bin ( easy with WinSCP <- key F2-> ) !!!

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