Could you help me find the right image please? (XTDP-LINK PL-AP501s)


I have had an old DIR-615 that has been stuck in LEDE 17.01.4 for as long as the development stopped for the hardware.

I would like to change it for a new unnamed access point I found that is based on the MT7620A chip, it has 512Mb (64MB) DDR2 SDRAM ( NT5TU32M16DG), 64Mb (8MB) of serial flash (MX25L6406E), has 2 eth ports (going to the SoC) with no external switch.

Do you know of any OpenWrt image that would be close enough to this device to work? I'm looking for a premade image, I haven't compiled anything with an OS before (only microcontrollers). I took some info from the original OS, it's a Chinese AP, but it has telnet:

XTDPLINK-B000B0 login:

BusyBox v1.20.2 (2015-06-17 05:07:09 GMT) built-in shell (ash)
Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.

admin@XTDPLINK-B000B0:~# ls
bin      dev      etc_ro   lib      media    proc     sys      var
boot     etc      init     linuxrc  prj      sbin     tmp
admin@XTDPLINK-B000B0:~# ls /bin
arping         echo           killall        mv             switch
ash            env            ln             netstat        tar
ated           eraseall       logger         nvram_daemon   telnet
awk            expand         login          nvram_get      tftp
basename       expr           ls             nvram_set      tftpd
busybox        false          lua            ping           touch
cat            gpio           luac           ps             true
chat           gunzip         mhe            pwd            udpsvd
chmod          he             mii_mgr        ralink_init    umount
cp             hostname       mii_mgr_cl45   reg            uname
cut            iwconfig       mkdir          rm             usleep
date           iwlist         mknod          sed            vi
dirname        iwpriv         mount          sh             wscd
dnsdomainname  kill           mtd_write      sleep          zcat
admin@XTDPLINK-B000B0:~# ls /sbin/
arp               init              modprobe          syslogd
brctl             insmod            poweroff          tc
depmod            iptables          pppd              telnetd
getty             iptables-restore  reboot            udhcpc
halt              iptables-save     rmmod             vconfig
ifconfig          lsmod             route             xtables-multi
admin@XTDPLINK-B000B0:~# ls /dev/
ac0        mem        mtd4ro     mtdblock3  ptmx       random     ttyACM2    ttyUSB3
acl0       mtd0       mtd5       mtdblock4  pts        rdm0       ttyACM3    ttyUSB4
cls0       mtd0ro     mtd5ro     mtdblock5  ptyp0      scd0       ttyACM4    ttyUSB5
console    mtd1       mtd6       mtdblock6  ptyp1      sg0        ttyACM5    ttyp0
flash0     mtd1ro     mtd6ro     mtdblock7  ram0       slic       ttyS0      ttyp1
gpio       mtd2       mtd7       mtr0       ram1       spiS0      ttyS1      urandom
hwnat0     mtd2ro     mtd7ro     null       ram2       sr0        ttyS2      vdsp
i2cM0      mtd3       mtdblock0  nvram      ram3       swnat0     ttyUSB0    video0
i2s0       mtd3ro     mtdblock1  pcm0       ram4       ttyACM0    ttyUSB1    watchdog
log        mtd4       mtdblock2  ppp        ram5       ttyACM1    ttyUSB2
admin@XTDPLINK-B000B0:~# uname -a
Linux XTDPLINK-B000B0 2.6.36 #5 Wed Jun 17 06:05:46 GMT 2015 mips GNU/Linux

I don't know if it's relevant, please tell me if you want to know more commands or chip numbers. I was also wondering if there was a way to take an image of the original software before modifying it, and what is the best way to flash it, the utility on the Chinese webpage or some tftp/telnet command, or a TTL to USB. Please let me know, thanks!

Development on a new device is usually based on network booting initramfs images using a TFTP server and serial commands to the bootloader. This doesn't affect anything in flash. To run from flash will need to determine the flash partitioning and match it.

There is nothing written anywhere on the case, no OEM, no Model number, not on the front, not on the back, just a blank white case?

PL-AP501s (seems to be made by XTDP-LINK) and The top cover is blank

I would rather run OpenWrt than the generic Chinese OS that was last updated in 2015.
I can give you more info if you wish Thanks for your help!

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Can someone point me to a tutorial on how to make an image with all this info?

Sorry, there are no pretty picture, videos or shortcuts.

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