Could not activate fast transitions in my Fritz!Box 4040

I have a fritz!Box 4040 running openWRT 22.3.2.

It is configured as a dumb AP with no dhcp or dns.

I am trying to activate fast transitioning in it to do roaming with my main router (Belkin RT3200 with openWRT last snapshot).

I have already activated it in my main router, but there is no option in my Fritz!Box, no WLAN roaming under interfaces/wireless network configuration.

I had activated it once, several months ago but I had to deactivate it as there where problems with some devices.

I would like to test it again.

I have installed wpad-basic with no luck, and I have tried wpad-basic-wolfssl with same results (this is what is installed in my main router and it works, there appears a WLAN roaming tab where I can activate FT).

What am I missing?

Try 802.11r Fast Transitioning / Roaming - Problem with Internet access after roam - #2 by frollic

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Thanks a lot.

I have removed wpad-* and installed hostapd

But the problem persists.

My problem is not that fast transitions does not work.
The problem is that I cannot even activate it.
In the luci interface in network/wireless there is no WLAN roaiming tab as I have in the other router where I can activate fast transitions for the wifi network ssid I want.

So it seems that 802.11r software is not working at all whatever package I install.

Well, I have reinstalled hostapd and rebooted the device.

Now I can see the fast transition option.

It is not under a separate WLAN roaming tab, but under wireless security tab.

I could activate it, now let me see if it works.

I have uninstalled wpad-basic-wolfssl in the main router and installed hostapd too, in order to run the same software in them (I suppose that would prevent compatibility problems among implementations).

I will see if this time there is no problem with roaming in my devices.

I have stablished 802.11w (management frame protection) as optional (I had previously problems enforcing it with some devices).

I have been making more tests.

Transistions seems to work now correctly.

But I have found two glitches.

Since I have substituted wpad by hostapd, I cannot use WPA3 security.
It seems hosapd does not support wpa3.

In the main router, since I have installed hostapd, the 2.4 GHz wifi device does not work. It keeps returning devece not active, eve when rebooted.

I will try reverting to wpad-basic-wolfssl in the main router.