Could not Access Luci in Repeater mode when connected to the Repeater


I setup OpenWrt as a repeater (bridge) and have the problem that I cannot access Luci if my Notebook is connected to the repeater. I can only connect to it if I am on the LAN Interface or connected to the main router. I setup it in bridge mode as shown in the screenshot. It does not matter which IP adress I set in the bridge. Must be a very simple basic issue. :slight_smile:

Any tips?



I done it like described there and entered for the bridge but cannot access it there.

Fine: Notebook - WLAN > Router - WLAN > Repeater
Not fine: Notebook - WLAN > Repeater


This is not what the solution says.
On your laptop you need to add an alias or secondary IP on the interface in the range.
I don't see the point of address in the wwan_ap, you may remove that.

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I done it with Luci and thought this is this topic. I am wrong? I read the CLI chapter in detail and it said it is not possible to access Repeater without changing the client configuration? Is that right...

Luci Chapter
This “Local IPv4 address” (empty in above screen shot, sorry, I don't have enough rights to upload a new screen shot) needs to match the IP address assigned by the Wifi-network (eg. from range, but do not enter the netmask here!) otherwise this bridge will not be accessible from the clients connected directly to the primary router and the relayd-daemon will not start. It makes sense to either fixate the IP in the DHCP servers MAC-IP mapping table or configure then WWAN interface of OpenWRT to a fix IP which is not being used in Wifi-networks DHCP-range (I used, as my DHCP server only serves IP addresses higher than

These instructions that you mentioned are for the REPEATER_BRIDGE interface and has to match the IP that you got from the upstream router on WWAN interface, which IP should not change, that means you need to create a static dhcp lease on the upstream router.

And that configuration is not related to the access issue if connected to the repeater? I thought just that.

It’s done like this.


As @trendy said, you need to set a secondary IP for your wireless card on your PC, so that the PC has one IP on the main network subnet and the other on the repeater management subnet.

A quick web search will tell you how to add a secondary IP on your PC operating system.

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