CoovaChilli + OpenWrt + FreeRadius + UAM = no EAP-MSG

Hi again guys,

Quick question!

I am currently using the setup as mentioned in the title and everything works absolutely fine but the 802.1x-EAP aspect of Coova.

When attempting EAP-MD5 authentication via FreeRadius through the following test

radtest -t eap-md5 <uname> <pword> localhost 10 <secret>

It authenticates perfectly

When attempting EAP-MD5 authentication via FreeRadius through the UAM it presents the following

ERROR: No Auth-Type found: rejecting the user via Post-Auth-Type = Reject



As the documentation for Coova is pretty lack luster its is hard to determine what exactly causes the UAM to Coova request that generates the EAP-MSG.

To my understanding it is WISPr that is responsible for this. However, I have tried using this within my login script with no prevail.

Does anyone have any sort of insight to this?

Many thanks and kind regards!

I never used EAP-MD5 together with chilli and UAM, as it also seems too complicated to me.
May be, first to get the standard UAM-setup running, and then to complicate it any further, if required. As you need special config for freeradius, at least. Dunno about coova in this respect.