CoovaChilli / L2TP


i have a Problem with CoovaChilli, i want that the coovachilli traffic goes through the L2TP Interface (Client). If the Server is online it works, and the traffic get routed. But if the Server is offline or have some other issues, then coovachilli use the "normal" wan interface. Is it possible to block the traffic from coovachilli -> to wan? In the shell Script /etc/chilli/defaults is #HS_WANIF=, ist that usable for uci (etc/config/chilli?). I try to set a zone for br-lan to L2TP but it dont work.


config chilli
option radiusserver1 'XXXX'
option radiussecret 'XXXX'
option radiusauthport '1812'
option radiusacctport '1813'
option radiusnasid 'test'
option papalwaysok '1'
option uamaliasname 'chilli'
option uamsecret 'XXXX'
option macauth '1'
option disabled '0'
option dns1 ''
option uamallowed ''
option net ''
option uamlisten ''
option uamserver 'https://XXX'
option dhcpif 'br-lan'