Convert a Dell optiplex 3050 usff into an OpenWrt router

Just discovered on a site for the sale of used equipment. Someone added an additionnal nic to the location of the VGA connector.
So he bought this :

and connected it to the mini pcie connector inside.
Btw you can find a 2.5Gbps Nic for cheaper here :

and this is the result :

So if you have an old optiplex 3050, maybe you can give it a new life :grinning:

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Very cool. I've seen another mod where someone created their own m.2 to PCI and added a 4 port card into their usff machine!

I'd like to do this mod but not sure I'd have the confidence to create my own port!

You can do the same with a Lenovo M720q - Lenovo M720Q Tiny Build Documentation and Guide, without any DIY mods.

Or get a Cyberoam CR/15/25/35/(W)ING, for $25 and up, unless you need the excessive CPU power.

While you might get lucky, you're betting on the mainboard power delivery and cooling system to cope with a that additional load. 1 (additional-) port, yes - 2, maybe (probably), 4 has seen other boards (futro) crumble and crash - even more so if you go beyond 1000BASE-T, don't get too greedy (unless you're willing to risk defeat and hardware damage).

Don't get me wrong, it might work out well - but doesn't need to, so be aware of the risks and how far you can go without doing Russian Roulette.