Controlling rpm of fan connected with USB?

Is this at all possible?

Ummmmmm USB?


  • merely powered by it; or
  • some driver compiled/installed that the speed can be controlled?

If merely powered, you need a variable capacitor (if my circuity study is not rusty at the moment). Then I assume you want to control it too, you'll need some driver/software or a network controllable one....

Doesn't seem feasible to me.

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Thanks for reply.
merely powered by it...

would it be feasible to control the output power of a certain usbport to lower rpm?


That's the circuit that I mentioned you have to build/install - to control the power at the USB port going thru onward to the fan's wiring.

(Some devices switch power on and off using a method; but given your fan works now, I assume power in your ports are always-on. "Off" in theory may provide a few milliamps of current - that's why I mentioned it.)

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Got a tip of where to start? :smiley:

Not really.

I'd wouldn't struggle with that, I'd use one from AC or based on 12V anyways...which reminds didn't note the rated voltage/amps of the fan, so these devices may or may not apply to you in particular:

(Also, forgive me if I'm mixsed amps/volts/etc. this morning, no coffee yet.)