Control values in /etc/resolv.conf (unbound)

Looking to run unbound, but do not want to use it for the local system recursor..

uci -q delete network.wan.dns
uci add_list network.wan.dns=""
uci add_list network.local.dns=""
uci commit network
service network restart
 cat /etc/resolv.conf
# /tmp/resolv.conf generated by Unbound UCI 2024-06-28T09:20:37-04:00
nameserver ::1
search lan.

I also found this:

and added:

uci set unbound.ub_main.resolv_conf='1'

restarted unbound and network.. and resolv.conf shows the same way..


config unbound 'ub_main'
        option add_extra_dns '0'
        option add_local_fqdn '0'
        option add_wan_fqdn '0'
        option dhcp_link 'none'
        option dns64 '0'
        option edns_size '1232'
        option extended_stats '1'
        option hide_binddata '1'
        option interface_auto '1'
        option listen_port '53'
        option localservice '1'
        option manual_conf '0'
        option num_threads '1'
        option protocol 'ip4_only'
        option rate_limit '0'
        option rebind_localhost '0'
        option rebind_protection '0'
        option recursion 'default'
        option resource 'default'
        option root_age '99'
        option ttl_min '300'
        option ttl_neg_max '1000'
        option unbound_control '1'
        option validator '0'
        option verbosity '1'
        list iface_wan 'wan'
        option enabled '1'
        option resolv_conf '1'

again I'm looking for /etc/resolv.conf to have the values of network.wan.dns or network.local.dns

device does not do dhcp it is an edge device simply offering an outbound recursor forwarding tls upstream..


# determine the DNS servers of the given logical interface
# 1: destination variable
# 2: interface
# 3: consider inactive servers if "true" (optional)
network_get_dnsserver() {
        __network_ifstatus "$1" "$2" "['dns-server'][*]" && return 0

        [ "$3" = 1 -o "$3" = "true" ] && \
                __network_ifstatus "$1" "$2" ".inactive['dns-server'][*]"

I couldn't figure out how /lib/netifd/ worked.. (lots going on there..)

Thank you in advance.

The file /tmp/resolv.conf.d/ has the resolvers from dhcp so I just linked /etc/resolv.conf to /tmp/resolv.conf.d/
I did this because I have a similar setup to you, with my AP running unbound and no dnsmasq. my AP gets it's IP and DNS servers from DHCP.

ls -lah /etc/ | grep resolv.conf
lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root          35 Jan  1  1970 resolv.conf -> /tmp/resolv.conf.d/

This was from some posts on here about removing dnsmasq, but I can't find them right now.

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Thank you sir..

I did find that file, and was going to symlink it.. but thought it would/might go away..

will keep an eye on it..