Consistent Lag Spikes even with Cake SQM + Expediated Forwarding on OpenWrt Router

For some background I run Cake as SQM for my Openwrt Router (NanoPi R6S).

I've made it so that my Valorant packets are tagged for EF with the following command in powershell.

New-NetQosPolicy -Name "valorant" -AppPathNameMatchCondition "VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe" -PolicyStore ActiveStore -NetworkProfile All -DSCPAction 46

When my network is under full load. I still get these consistent ping spikes and I can't quite figure out what's going on. Is there anyway to solve this?

AFAIK the R6S isn't officialy supported, you should ask the creator of the image, why you're seeing this...

Ah thanks, seems I will try to update to friendlyWrt's latest firmware image to see if the issue is fixed.

There seems to be something running every 5.5-6.0 seconds, likely on your router... no idea what though.

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I thought the problem was because of snort (I had recently installed it 2 weeks ago). I had disabled it thinking it fixed the issue but I'm still getting the spikes so still trying to figure it out.

I'm trying ping plotter and results seem to be consistently under 25ms... Maybe it is just valorant...

For now, I'm flashing a new firmware and starting from scratch hopefully that works!

Update 2: I've reflash a fresh firmware and am still experiencing the issue... It's definitely a Valorant issue and not an openwrt so I'll close this..

When I use my VPN I don't have the ping spikes with the game so I'm opening a support ticket with them.

Update 3: I just realized my mistake. I should have used layer_cake script since that one has buckets and works with DSCP marks

Update 4: I guess there is something wrong with my SQM. When Valorant experiences ping spikes my ping tests to also spike as well.

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