Connection monitor like PingPlotter/Smokeping?

I'm looking for a package that can monitor and log my Internet connection by using ICMP-ping and maybe traceroute. It can log to my external syslog-server. Or even SNMP-ping. Would be great if it included RRD graphs over time. Any tips?

Are you looking for the collectd-mod-ping plugin? It collects roundtrip time, drop rate and standard deviation for a set of given hosts in a rrd and graphs them.

Thanks for your reply. I wan't to be able to see if my internet connection is dodgy, so all lost pings should be reported.
Didn't know about collectd-mod-ping. I installed it now.
I have installed all packages that are needed, but it does not show up under Services menu in web GUI for some reason. Do I need to manually add it to the web GUI?

Are you on 19.07.3? Just log out and log back in! Newly installed LuCI apps not appearing in the interface is a regression introduced with 19.07.3: