Connection Fritz Network and Fritz Guest Network for printing

I have two seperated networks (Both on the Fritz Router) which are running without any problems.
But now it's necessary that the devices from one network needs access to the printer in the other network.

I think it should be possible with a kind of routing between the networks and maybe some firewall rules.

Is it possible to do it with OpenWrt or do I need another idea?


Yep, this should work.
Use zone-to-zone traffic forwardings or custom firewall rules.

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Thx, is there a kind of howto or other documention to start with?

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Well ok, thats the documentation.

What I need for the beginning is a kind of step by step description.

define "separated networks", and what printing protocol's used ...

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One Network 192.168.1.XXX another network 192.168.2.XXX both running on the Fritzbox.

protocols: PCL, PS ... But thats not the point. It's an multifunction HP printer and I need also the scanning functionalities. Otherwise I would use an USB/WLAN printserver (simple way: Raspi with CUPS).

the scanning isn't the issue, I assume, but the scanner output is .... ?

How is it delivered ?

LuCI > Network > Firewall > General Settings > Zones > SOURCE_ZONE > Edit

  • Allow forward to destination zones: DESTINATION_ZONE

Save > Save & Apply

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