Connecting wireguard server (ubuntu) with OpenWrt client

Hi, i have an ubuntu desktop on VirtualBox that i successfully configured as a server. I also have a TL-WR902AC that I want to configured as openWRT client. The problem that I am facing is, i do not have sufficient information on how to link these two and hoping to get some guidance since I'm fairly a newbie in this openWRT world, i have been reading and watching tutorials that uses two ubuntu machines as client and server the same with router and router as client and server.

Did you have a look at the Wiki? There is a Wireguard "client" example.

On the Ubuntu-side, did you use NetworkManager or another tool to configure it?

Hi andy i already have seen the wiki however, I'm quite confused because the server and client wiki key generation looks about the same, so which key that I need to transfer, plus I'm using the luci for the configuration on the client side, on the ubuntu desktop i just the ubuntu terminal install wireguard-tools there and run as root following this guide.

Thank you for the respond andy !