Connecting two usb printers - problem

Hey guys. I think there's a problem with perhaps kmod-usb-printer or whatever package is responsible for detecting printers.

I got it to work with a single printer. It prints fine. It also works with that single printer connected over a usb hub.

When I connect a second printer I get weird dmesg outputs thay never end. lp0 disappears at times from /dev/usb/

Shouldn't I see an lp1 in /dev/usb/ ?

Is something requied for two printers to work properly over a usb hub?

Thanks! /Mike

On my devices so far, when I get endless walls of weird USB error messages in log, it is due to insufficient USB powering. Peripherals then keep getting resetted due to lack of power and try reinitializing (while consuming power) and then being resetted again and so on.

Maybe check if your case could be power issues as well. Is your hub active-powered? With a sufficient PSU that can also handle peak power draws? I also get the impression that the market offers a lot of hubs with questionable quality.

If it happens even before kmod-printer being installed, it might be another sign, that you have a power issue.

from my perspective this erratic behavior also points towards power issues.

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Thank you so much. I'll try another hub and get back.

What's weird is that the one printer works fine over the hub. Hmm.