Connecting two routers using powerline one with openwrt and the other not

Hi Guys..

I am new with this beautiful openwrt system and i just installed the system on BT hub 5 on it but in my home i have normal talktalk latest wifi hub 2019 as my main broadband ( no openwrt on it )
.and i was looking to make that BT Hub 5 ( have openwrt on it ) as main router connecting to the talktalk as wifi extender using powerline adapter

Can i do that and how i do that with details?

Thanks for all the openwrt community

The "LEDE Installation Guide for BT Home Hub 5A" has ISP specific configuration examples for multiple ISPs, it's mostly a question of selecting the correct VLAN tagging for your ISP.

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No i want to have bt hub to be the main broadband isp and extended to the talktalk router
I already installed the openwrt on the BT hub 5 router

Well, technically you want to use the TalkTalk as AP. Range extenders typically connect to the network witlessly, while in your case you will effectively interconnect the routers by LAN. There are different types of power-line kits, but a basic kit of 2 with 2 routers, it would be as if you are connecting bother routers by an Ethernet cable.

I don't know how far apart the 2 routers. For a small apartment, you could in theory connect the router wirelessly, but that's subject to firmware, chip sets and drivers etc. So it's probably easier to just use the powerline thing, but I am just mentioning the other option if you want to try it first. A factor would also would be weather you care if the clients of the "extender" are on a different subnet or not.

Note that for Powerline kits, some have devices with built-in AP function (so you could just get rid of the TalkTalk router if you have no other reason for using it. It's worth looking at what's available in the market and check your budget.

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Which is better to use the BT Hub 5 or the new talktalk wifi hub
In term how far the wireless can reach?


I don't know. If you have them both, then you can just try yourself! There are utilities that you an install on your PC to check so.

But the speed and range will only be a factor in the choice. The other main important side is what functionality you want to run where.

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First question, have you tried just connecting the homehub and seeing if you can get internet? Start there.


Sorry i am not following
What you mean by homehub?

It's also known as the BT home hub 5, aka the smart hub apparently

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Before i buy bt hub 5 with preinstalled openwrt on it

I used to have talktalk broadband with two routers connecting using pwerline or tplink adapter and all i jave to do was disabled the DHCP in the second router

Now i am still have the talktalk broadband and i want to use the BT Hub 5 as the main or first router which have openwrt installed already then tplink connecting to second normal talktalk that have no openwrt on it and disable the DHCP like ibused to have before

Or its different and process is different

Thanks guys i wrote a lot juat to make you understand my problems

No, BT Smart Hub is aka Home Hub 6, which is not supported by OpenWrt as of now.

And to add more confusion, contrary to Home Hub 5, where Type A was Lantiq/QC/Ath and Type B was Broadcom, Smart Hub Type A is Broadcom and Type B is QC!

If you have them already, just hook them up and it should work. Consider them a long Ethernet cable. If you have the two routers set up properly, you should have no problem.

I imagine you would want to connect the powerline units to the LAN port of both routers.

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And do i need to turn the DHCP on the second router

You shouldn't use more than one DHCP-server in a single network broadcast domain.


Yes i will use powerline can you please explain hoe to fo it with little more details

Like you said, you will only need to disable DHCP on the client router, connect powerline to main router's LAN, and connect the other runit to client router's LAN.

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Ah, and it goes without saying that you would want the client router to have static LAN IP address on the the same network as main router (for example, give it IP if your main router is, and make sure that the DHCP server pool on the the main router doesn't include that IP address. Default for OpenWrt is from x.x.x.100 to x.x.x.249, so it should be fine.


Now you answered my question
I will try this

Thanks sooooooo much

Do you know any links teach me anything about openwrt or Ddwrt how to setup and all tutorial to masters these things

Is your original issue solved now?

As for OpenWrt tutorials, there is the user guide on, and you can check the forum topics for further reading or for questions.

dd-wrt is a different project, so you can check their site and forum for info about it.