Connecting to Softether server running on OpenWrt

I have previously configured SoftEther Server running on an OpenWRT device in non-router mode. I was able to connect to it by setting up port forwarding on the router.

I have now reset my OpenWRT device and using it as the router on my network. I have installed SoftEther Server again but am unable to connect to it from my iPhone when off the network (I can connect if I use the router's internal IP address when connected to the same network). Interestingly, I am able to connect to SoftEther when using the OpenVPN app however I'd prefer to use my iPhone's native VPN client.

I have set up the following ports to be port fowarded (I've done both TCP and UDP although I believe only UDP is required):
1194 (for OpenVPN support)

I note there is already a pre-defined rule in the Firewall called Allow-ISAKMP which references port 500. I've tried disabling this and well as also creating similar rules for 4500 and 1701 to no avail.

Can anyone shed any light on what I might be doing wrong? Many thanks in advance for any help.

To answer my own question and to help anyone else who might have the same issue, I had to do the following.

  1. Bridge the virtual hub to a new tap device:

  2. Add the new tap device to the Bridge device (found in Interfaces/Devices tab)

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