Connecting to PPoE and then OpenVPN, is it possible?

Hi! I'm thinking on helping create a version for my router model, because I wanted to use OpenVPN on it, but it doesn't support it.

The problem is that my ISP has PPoE Login on router. Can I use OpenWRT to make the first PPoE connection, and then set up a OpenVPN connection on the, now PPoE authorized, other connection, using only one router?

By the way, I wanted to know if I could set up multiple connections on the router, some without VPN and some with it

(Probably 4 if I could, 2.5ghz and 5ghz with and without VPN)

If you mean PPPoE, then it should work.

See also:

Oh yeah, that's it, PPPoE, never noticed there was a third P ^^'