Connecting PPPoE Wan to a Bridged modem

Hello everyone, i just installed LEDE today, and i'm stuck configuring my internet connection and could use some help.

Here's my configuration that worked up until i installed LEDE:
I have a zte modem for VDSL set to bridge only, no wifi no dhcp, just bridge.
I have a Dlink 645 linked to the zte via the wan cable, and that it.

I used to run the username and password from my dlink, and it would connect perfectly.

Now i tried to setup the wan with the same UN pass on LEDE and i get timed out waiting for PADO packets and exiting.

Anyone know why that's happening?

Maybe your ISP uses a VLAN?

Hey, if that was the case wouldn't i need to change anything in my dlink config? Because i don't remember setting something like that.

Good point, but since you gave very little information to go on, I simply added a known stumbling block. BTW, which ISP?

Best Regards

I have a similar setup and use the Protocol "PPPoE" where I setup my ISP Login and Password in the WAN Interface settings of my WRT3200ACM Router.

Note that VDSL, I use VDSL2, modems can be finicky when used as a bridge.

After I setup my WRT3200ACM and it was working fine I decided to update my VDSL2 Modem (Netgear DM200) to the latest firmware. It stopped working. I had to revert to the older DM200 firmware to get it working again, so I have left it at the older firmware version.

Maybe some Google investigation on your VDSL Modem as a Bridge may be helpful.

Just my experience for consideration.

@FCS001FCS Hey, i have vdsl2 as well, but i did not update the modem, just the router behind it.

@moeller0 bezeqint is my isp, if that helps.

Just to let you guys know, i fixed it, i reset my config for the whole router and focused on the internet first, then the rest of the config.

i must've changed something that screwed everything up. thanks for all the help!

This is excellent! Especially since I must admit, goggle translate and I failed to find meaningful information on bezeqint's web page... Good luck!

thanks, now i need to learn the interface better, and how to keep the packages updated.