Connecting OpenWrt as a client to a proxy network?

I'm using PDANet to connect to my router but it requires a PAC ( Is there anyway to get this to work? In the space boonies with only 4G LTE. Thanks

Sorry, what do you want to get from OpenWRT?

To use the internet from my phone (teather is blocked) from pdanet to my openwrt router

PDANet is basically the proxy server and I'm trying to use openwrt in client mode to connect to PDANet but I can't because Idk how to set up pac in client mode

Use the "travelmate" package.

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If you just want to connect to existing WiFi, read:

"Travelmate" is package, useful for multiple existing networks.

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I got it but I don't know how to add the PAC URL?

Wouldn't you need PDANet software for your router?

If I understand correctly (since I've used PDANet before), they only have Windows and Mac clients.


  • If you connect via WiFi and change the proxy settings on your web browser, does it work?

as long as you have proxy settings then you can enter the pac and sadly there is no PDANet router software. And I'm trying to get it to work with stuff like smart tv's and alexa

Then wouldn't you ask Amazon, Samsung, etc...?

You can't use proxy with Alexa and I hate to say RokuTv


  • You're on an OpenWrt forum
  • You want to use a software that requires a proxy/installation
  • The web site has software for: Android, Windows and Mac; and
    • there's no software available for OpenWrt routers
  • The FAQ page notes that only clients (i.e. computers and tablets) can use it
    • there's no software available for OpenWrt routers
  • If you connect via WiFi; you need to configure an HTTP proxy
  • The FAQ page says to install the software; or setup the proxy
  • Your Alexa and RokuTV does not allow you to enter proxy settings at the client

...please explain how the OpenWrt forum can assist then?

To share internet with the devices without the proxy tried to tell it to the best of my abilities

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@jow @hnyman @vgaetera...

Does OpenWrt have the ability to route thru a proxy connection?

@DBVintage, this may be of help: OpenVPN with SSH tunnel to VPN Provider

In the best case, proxy is just an optional caching service which can be ignored.
In the worst case, it is a mandatory service to access the internet with no routing, locked firewall forwarding, limited connectivity and content filtering.

The typical proxy traversal methods:

  • Set up a tunnel with SoftEther VPN, OpenVPN, OpenSSH or the like and route the traffic through it.
  • Configure HTTP/HTTPS traffic interception and proxy chaining with Squid.
  • Deploy the proxy settings directly to the clients with Ansible, GPO, WPAD or PAC.
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