Connecting IOT devices to a mesh network, any drawbacks?

Hey all, since an half hour i have a full mesh network running at home, and wondering if IOT devices play nicely with this. What if i would replace mesh point A with mesh point B? The SSID and passwords are the same, but i wonder if IOT devices would play nicely with this.


The only two problems I’ve encountered with IOT devices are 1) most IOT devices like 2.4g radio AND 2) some IOT devices do not play well with fast transition (802.11r)

I have loads of IOT devices and as long as I keep them on an SSID 2.4g band with fast transition off, they work great.

Thanks, i dont want to take risks with all the devices i have, so i made a ournetwork_IOT ssid on 2.4ghz.

Sorry, what kind of IoT devices you're talking about, that they would support mesh in their wireless radio/settings?

Smart bulbs and different brands of cameras, a vacuum cleaner and smart outlet switches.

How confident are you that they support mesh mode for the radio/software?

I am not confident at all. I already made a 2.4ghz band for only iot devices as i said, with fast roaming disabled.
But it works quite bad. Could it perhaps be that 3 routers connected by mesh all broadcast the same network? Do i have to make seperate networks per routerm

I've had luck recently with the combination of BATMAN-adv and DAWN put together. DAWN can be configured to 'kick' clients onto the preferred access point (based on speed and strength) and can be used with fast transition but doesn't use it directly. Might be worth investigating.

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Did you ensure that all of your client SSIDs are on separate channels so that you aren't jamming yourself? The mesh backhaul network will all be on the same channel but the access networks shouldn't be.

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What do you mean? I have put my mesh network on the 5ghz band, which also hosts a SSID internet access point. I also have a SSID(same name) on the 2.4ghz. So that the non-5ghz devices (all IOT devices) can connect to the 2.4ghz band. But they do not allow channel settings. On the router i have a fixed channel. it can only broadcast one channel at the same time as far as im aware?

Is your channel set to 'auto' on the radio configuration? Click on the Edit button for the 2.4ghz SSID and the top part of the dialog (radio settings) should have a drop down menu for Channel, right next to your country code and transmit power. You can always assign these to non-overlapping channels if you do a scan and figure out which channels are the least populated.

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why should i put it on auto? wont that mess with the 802.11s mesh network, if all those 3 devices are set to "auto"?
I live in a part of a town with not many wifi devices. I only find one neighbour ssid, besides my wifi stuff.

You want the 802.11s mesh network to be on a single, static channel. You want your client SSIDs to be on either auto or multiple, different channels to prevent the Access Points from talking over each other. This is why mesh networks typically need multiple physical radios to be performant enough for real world use.

Does that make sense?

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That does make sense, but it's not a triband router unfortunately, so i cant broadcast on multiple channels.
But it is the reason that i made the mesh network on 5ghz, so the mesh network is not overlapping with all 2.4ghz iot devices.

I'm still not explaining it well enough. Here's an example:

Node 1:

  • 5Ghz Radio (Channel 36):
    -- SSID: "MESH", Type: mesh (802.11s)
  • 2.4Ghz Radio (Channel 1):
    -- SSID: "My WiFi", Type: Access Point

Node 2:

  • 5Ghz Radio (Channel 36):
    -- SSID: "MESH", Type: mesh (802.11s)
  • 2.4Ghz Radio (Channel 6):
    -- SSID: "My WiFi", Type: Access Point

Node 3:

  • 5Ghz Radio (Channel 36):
    -- SSID: "MESH", Type: mesh (802.11s)
  • 2.4Ghz Radio (Channel 11):
    -- SSID: "My WiFi", Type: Access Point

In this example with 3 nodes, you would join your IoT devices to the "My WiFi" network and they would choose the best network based on strength. There would be no overlap in the 2.4Ghz spectrum.

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and what would cause a overlap?

My current setup is the following:

I have disabled the 2.4ghz IOT network on 2.4ghz because it was buggy. My camera's seem to be working fine on the normal 2.4ghz, my wifi bulbs are constantly bugging. showing offline in some apps, online in others.

Edit: ah you meant that the 2.4ghz would all broadcast on different channels on the different routers.

Do you think this could be happening where all the routers are all broadcasting on the same 2.4Ghz channel?

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I suppose it can. I just tried to disabling the 5ghz ssid, just the 2.4ghz enabled on different routers, on different channels, fast roaming disabled, and the issue still remains. I am going to sell these bulbs online and get replacements on zigbee. i think thats the only proper solution.

This thread's topic is highly misleading then.

After the many attempts, can you blame me?